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~David Matranga's House Of Fans~

~For The Rabid Fangirls (or guys) Of The Voice of The Ill-Behaved Priest~

David Matranga's House
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This Community Is Still Under Somewhat Construction!! HELP WANTED!!

Hello everyone I'm Saiya the creator and the maintainers of this here little community. The community's name is David Matranga's House Of Fans and it's for those poor people who love our David but have no place to say it. So from my heart I created it for you lovely fans and all I want from you guys is to join and have fun. If you're interested in becoming a mainter talk to me and tell me what'cha got.

Rules For This Community

1.) Must Be A Fan Of David Matranga DUH!!

2.) No bashing, hating on David or other members ( This is suppose to be family friendly I won't allow bloodshed in the community )

3.) You may sometimes go off topic but please keep posts relating to David or to animes he worked on

4.) Most Importantly: HAVE FUN!!

If you have any pictures, colorbars, layouts, avatars, banners, etc. of any animes he was in or any of himself feel free to send them.